Thursday Best at Bob’s Pogo Bar

KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin, DE

Bob’s grand collage, 2017; digital collage, dye-sublimation print on Crepe fabric; 220 × 600 cm

La Famille, painted porcelain plate, diam. 28 cm
Bob’s Bouquets, 2017; top of table, painted earthenware tiles; 50 × 50 cm

Photos © Aurélie Karadjov, Jacent


Full of animals and people,
In their Sunday best with a bottle,
They dance while it’s possible.

In their Sunday best on a Thursday,
They’re special guests on this d-day,
Across the boundaries to KW,
Wearing white shirts and blue K-way.

Let’s drink some fruity wine,
Let’s put some good good sound,
Everybody feels so so fine.

It’s a weird pilmigrage across the ages,
They light up a path in all those pages,
They find a way because they don’t follow,
Remember follow means sorrow.

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