“Don’t Push The River…” at Le Shed, Maromme, Sept. 25 – Nov. 20, 2022

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Some solo exhibitions:
Don’t Push The River…
2022  …It Flows By Itself
2022  Glücksspiel, Le jeu de l’amour et du hasard
2022  Cœur fleur
2021  Salon Jacent at Liste

2019  A Room of One’s Own
2018  Hotel Jacent
2017  Chez Jacent
2017  L’Oasis
2014  Legacy

2014  3rd mind myth

◊ solo show at sans titre, Paris
◊ ‘Meet Me Halfway’, group show at one gee in fog, Geneva and Wallstreet, Fribourg
◊ ‘Still Making Art’, group show at KCCC, Klaipėda
villa Noailles shop, Ancien évêché, Toulon


Selected group shows:
2022  Mamoune
2022  Mon palais, choir
2022  Systema
2022  Illusions of Comfort
2021  Make Yourself at Home, Still Time, For some bags under the eyes
2021  La Psychologie des serrures
2019  Les Chemins du Sud
2018  You Remind Me of Someone
2018  Somewhere in Between
2017  Wie werden wir uns wiedererkennen
2018  Château du Feÿ

Founders of:

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